Dance Up vol 3




1 DEPECHE MODE enjoy the silence
2 PAT & MICK´S use it up and wear it out
3 CELEBRATE THE NUN will you be there(12-inch)
4 CAUSE & EFECT you think you know her
5 FOX get off (ultimix)
6 DUICER.CREW the dazzey dukes mix(ultimix)
7 B.G. THE PRINCE OF RAP the power4 of the rhythm(mix)
8 SNAP the power (remix ful mix)factory london
9 THE COVER GIRLS show me (the nest mix)
10 DEPECHE MODE world in my eyes (oil tank mix) london
11 VANILA ICE ice ice baby (ultimix)
12 LA BOUCHE in your life (eletro mix)


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